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Mamphela Ramphele

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Dr Mamphela Ramphele is a medical doctor and anthropologist who first rose to prominence as a student, when she was a vocal member of the Black Consciousness Movement and associate of Steve Biko.

Ramphele served as Deputy Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cape Town and as a Director at the World Bank in Washington DC before returning to South Africa as Director of Corp Capital. She started Letsema Circle, a community development initiative, and then the Citizen’s Movement, before finally heeding the many calls for her to enter politics.

Her Agang South Africa party was launched in 2013 and she continues to have a high profile as one of few steadfastly independent and critical voices.

She lives in Camps Bay, but travels across South African most of the time. Recently she has visited university campuses as part of her election campaign. Her appearances consistently draw huge crowds and she remains one of the most intriguing South African news makers.

Books by Mamphela 

2013 A Passion for Freedom. Cape Town: Tafelberg 

2012 Conversations with my sons and daughters. Johannesburg: Penguin.
2008 Laying ghosts to rest: Dilemmas of the transformation in South Africa. Cape Town: Tafelberg. 
2002 Steering by the stars: Being young in South Africa. Cape Town: Tafelberg.
2001 Ramphele, M., Lock, M., Das, V., Kleinman, A., & Reynolds, P. (Eds.). Remarking a world: Violence, social suffering and recovery. Berkeley: University of California.
2000 Ramphele, M. & Hawke, B. Human rights and human development: Third annual Hawke lecture. Adelaide: Bob Hawke Ministerial Library, University of South Australia.
2000 Ramphele, M. & Council on Higher Education (South Africa). Towards a new higher education landscape: Meeting the equity, quality and social development imperatives of South Africa in the 21st century. Pretoria: Council on Higher Education.
1999 Ramphele, M., Crush, J.S., McDonald, D., & Southern African Migration Project. Immigration and education: International students at South African universities and technikons. Cape Town: IDASA.
1996 Across boundaries: The journey of a South African woman leader. New York: Feminist Press.
1996 Embracing the future: Address by Dr Mamphela Ramphele on the occasion of her installation as the 7th vice-chancellor of the University of Cape Town, 11 October 1996. Cape Town: University of Cape Town.
1995 Mamphela Ramphele: A life. Cape Town: David Philip.
1995 The affirmative action book: Towards an equity environment. Cape Town: IDASA.
1994 Ramphele, M., Antrobus, P., & Randall, J.S. Women transforming societies: Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean perspectives. Cambridge, Mass.: Radcliffe College.
1993 A bed called home: Life in the migrant labour hostels of Cape Town. Cape Town: David Philip.
1993 Standards, The loaded term. Cape Town: University of Cape Town.
1991 Ramphele, M., Pityana, N.B., Mpumlwana, M., & Wilson, L. (Eds.). Bounds of possibility: The legacy of Steve Biko and Black Consciousness. Cape Town: David Philip.
1991 Ramphele, M., Molteno, F., Simons, M., & Sutherland, M. Committee of enquiry into sexual harassment, final report. Cape Town: University of Cape Town.
1991 Education for non-racial democracy. National Lecturers’ Conference held at Hewat Training College, Athlone, 9-11 May 1991.
1991 Ramphele, M. & McDowell, C. (Eds.). Restoring the land: Environment and change in post-apartheid South Africa. London: Pharos. 
1991 Ramphele, M., Okeke, E., Anderson-Manley, E., Eshete, A., & Obeng, L. (Eds.). Women transforming societies: Sub-Saharan Africa and Caribbean perspectives. Cambridge, Mass.,: Radcliffe College.
1989 Ramphele, M. & Wilson, F. Uprooting poverty: The South African challenge: Report for the second Carnegie inquiry into poverty and development in Southern Africa. Cape Town: David Philip.
1988 Ramphele, M. & Boonzaier, E. The position of African women: Race and gender in South Africa. In: Boonzaier, E. & Sharp, J. (Eds). South African keywords: The uses and abuses of political concepts. Cape Town: David Philip.
1987 Ramphele, M. & Wilson, F. Children on the frontline: A report for Unicef on the status of children in South Africa. New York: Unicef. 
1986 Zimbabwe, the lessons for us here in South Africa. Cape Town: Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit. 
1984 Ramphele, M. & Ramalepe, R. Rural health care: The tears and joy. Cape Town: Southern Africa Labour and Development Research Unit.

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