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Death, Detention and Disappearance | Current Affairs & Issues

David Smuts

In Namibia, the 1980s were a dark decade of human rights abuses by South African security forces. Justice David Smuts, then a young Windhoek lawyer, felt compelled to take on the system. His gripping memoir details several dramatic cases, including the freeing of detainees held secretly for six years, proving that torture was used to extract ‘confessions’ and that Koevoet knowingly killed citizens. He also takes a new look at the assassination of his close friend, SWAPO activist Anton Lubowski. 

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Death, Detention and Disappearance | Current Affairs & Issues

Author: David Smuts
Category: Current Affairs & Issues
ISBN: 9780624088806
Date Released: 30 August 2019
Price (incl. VAT): R 320.00
Format: Soft cover, 368pp

About this author

David Smuts

David Smuts has been a judge in Namibia for decades, including some of the country’s most turbulent times. He was recently appointed to the Supreme Court by the...