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Gedeeltelik bewolk | Fiction

Ruan Kemp

Born when Jan Smuts died, George grew up on a farm in the Northern Cape. His repertoire includes: soldier in Angola, spy on the Baader-Meinhof Gang in Germany, journalist in Cape Town during the fall of apartheid, smuggler and sabotager. He ends up as a homeless man, a mad man. In between George plays musical chairs with lawyers, psychologists, and women. 

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Gedeeltelik bewolk | Fiction

Author: Ruan Kemp
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 9780624088578
Date Released: 16 July 2019
Price (incl. VAT): R 320.00
Format: Soft cover, 296pp

About this author

Ruan Kemp

Ruan Kemp (born in 1978) is a mining analyst with degrees in journalism, education, and engineering. He lives in Hermanus with his wife and three sons.