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Droomberig | Romance & Sagas

Luné Olivier

Anelia le Roux wants to make her late father proud by also being a successful journalist. However, her new job at Nuus-Direk has various challenges, and some are more pleasant than others.                
The southeaster quite literally blows her into Leon de Hanie’s arms. There is instant chemistry between the two of them and Anelia soon realises that she has fallen head over heels for Leon. A nasty encounter with a colleague coupled with Leon’s strange behaviour causes further insecurities. Is he hiding something?             
Leon makes a startling discovery about Anelia’s father’s death. Then someone tells her that Leon purposefully leaked the information to the media in an attempt to advance his career. Will Anelia be able to give him the benefit of the doubt? 

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Droomberig | Romance & Sagas

Author: Luné Olivier
Category: Romance & Sagas
ISBN: 9780624086642
Date Released: 20 December 2018
Price (incl. VAT): R 95.00
Format: Soft cover, 224pp

About this author

Luné Olivier

Luné Olivier (pseudonym) discovered her love of reading at an early age. She was the editor of her university’s newspaper. She lives in Gauteng with her husband...