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Chuck Norris kan deel deur nul | Young Adult Fiction

Annelie Ferreira

Chuck Norris kan deel deur nul is the story of Albert and his family. Marlie, his sister, is acting weird. Their father works too hard in his plumbing business, and their unconventional gran, who used to keep the family together, has become forgetful and wanders off while shopping for groceries. This is ordinary family life as seen through the eyes of a fourteen-year-old boy.

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Chuck Norris kan deel deur nul | Young Adult Fiction

Author: Annelie Ferreira
Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780624068938
Date Released: 20 October 2014
Price (incl. VAT): R 165.00
Format: Soft cover, 172pp

About this author

Annelie Ferreira

Annelie Ferreira has written a number of nonfiction titles in Afrikaans, as well as a novel for adults. She lives with her husband in Bristol, England. They...