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Sondag op 'n voëlplaas | General Fiction

Johann Nell

He grew up on a bird farm, an ostrich farm near Oudtshoorn. Left it as soon as he could. Away from all the small-town pettiness, the crudity and the dull existence on a farm. Away from all those birds! Did not the outside world call him even as a child? From the day he first heard of Paris and the extravagant feather costumes of the Moulin Rouge. 

However, after the farm his life followed the typical South African pattern. He went to the army, married, became a teacher, did all the manly stuff . . . But something did not add up, and gradually he felt the grip of a growing unrest inside of him, an intense type of rending, that lead, among other things, to an intense aversion for any show of manly force.

And then suddenly his world turned upside down: two schoolboys accuse him of molestation.

He cannot figure out exactly what hit him, especially not why it has affected him so badly. He almost instinctively feels that this crisis, and the preceding unrest inside of him, has something to do with his past, with that little farm and that time in his youth he so desperately wanted to leave behind.

So he goes back to Oudtshoorn. To the memories of his youth. To the tragic history of his aunt and her one-eyed son, to the enigmatic Andri and her secret in die Kango Caves, to the wealthy neighbour John Bruwer, whose only son died in the border war.

He goes back to Oudtshoorn with the strange expectation that something will be solved for him there. That’s where his aunt, the mother of the one-eyed child, still stays on his native soil. That’s where John Bruwer has been waiting all these years to appoint him officially as his heir, his son! And that’s where he discovers the secret of the mysterious Andri, the girl who by name should have been a boy. In a bizarre fashion the secret has taken over her life, and somehow she’s waiting for him to reveal it.
He is allowed into Andri’s mystery and there in the dark cave he seemingly finds the way to the mystery of his own life.

Sondag op ’n voëlplaas is a delightful and topsy-turvy immersion in the riddles of life, but it is also an incisive investigation of male identity and the way in which this has been fed by the farm background of so many South Africans. 

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Sondag op 'n voëlplaas | General Fiction

Author: Johann Nell
Category: General Fiction
ISBN: 9780624064831
Date Released: 30 September 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 275.00
Format: Soft cover, 276pp

About this author

Johann Nell

Johann Nell was born in the Boland and grows up in Oudtshoorn. He studied at Stellenbosch and qualified as a teacher. He obtained...