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Praise Song | Young Adult Fiction

Jenny Robson

Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature: gold (2005)
M.E.R. Prize for Youth Literature (2007)

A young choir mistress is found among weeds and rocks outside the local shebeen - murdered. Why? And by whom? The community of Meriting endlessly discuss the list of possible suspects. But, by unspoken consent, no one discusses the motive for this murder, although it is understood by all. And no one helps the police with their enquiries. One person, though, knows the true identity of the killer - but that person has good reason to stay silent. Will the killer be brought to justice and finally punished for the crime? This is also the story of sixteen-year-old Gaone, whose greatest fear is that her irresponsible younger sister, Precious, will contract HIV.

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Praise Song | Young Adult Fiction

Author: Jenny Robson
Category: Young Adult Fiction
ISBN: 9780624043294
Date Released: 06 March 2006
Price (incl. VAT): R 124.00
Format: Soft Cover

About this author

Jenny Robson

Jennifer Marion Robson (née Murray) is the first author to ever win four consecutive prizes in the Sanlam Youth Novel Competition for the novels Don’t Panic,...