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In landsbelang (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Quintus van der Merwe

Johan Castelyn is appointed as diplomat in Paris, and given the assignment of placing the new SA ambassador, Nerine Cloete, under surveillance. Preceding her appointment she was on the verge of exposing a major weapons scandal. Johan’s job is to make sure she keeps quiet.

But soon Johan starts having serious doubts about the dubious actions being taken in the so-called “best interests of the country”…

(An interview with Quintus.)

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In landsbelang (ePub) | Crime & Thriller

Author: Quintus van der Merwe
Category: Crime & Thriller
ISBN: 9780624051084
Date Released: 06 April 2010
Price (incl. VAT): R 280.00
Format: ePub, 256pp

About this author

Quintus van der Merwe

Quintus van der Merwe was born on February 6, 1957, in Port Elizabeth. He matriculated in 1974 at Andrew Rabie High School in Port Elizabeth. Quintus obtained a...