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Aan die stuur: my leierskapsreis (ePub) | Management & Business

Brand Pretorius

Brand Pretorius knows what it means to be a leader: he was at the head of Toyota South Africa during its heyday, and took over as chief executive at the McCarthy Group. He knows that leadership means making hard and unpopular decisions with an eye on the long term.
He writes about his four decades in business and the lessons he learnt. He illustrates his lessons on leadership with tales from his illustrious career in motoring, like how it feels to be in a Formula 1 racing car with one of the world’s best drivers.
This book gives a rare insight into what it means to do business in South Africa, and how a South African business leader can navigate all of our country’s complexities.
Filled with the wisdom of hard experience, with lessons which, though in the first instance aimed at business people, can be applied in any sphere of life.
An inspirational and gripping book.

Also available in English: In the Driving Seat: Lessons in Leadership

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Aan die stuur: my leierskapsreis (ePub) | Management & Business

Author: Brand Pretorius
Category: Management & Business
ISBN: 9780624057918
Date Released: 20 February 2013
Price (incl. VAT): R 260.00
Format: ePub, 272pp

About this author

Brand Pretorius

Brand Pretorius is widely known in South Africa as “Mr Motor”. He was managing director of Toyota South Africa Marketing from 1988 to 1995, and then at the head...