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Yihlati leli (isiZulu) | Children's Fiction

Bhekisigcino Khawula

Sanlam Prize for Youth Literature 2011 - Silver Award

Mchithwa Ncokwane’s prime goal in life is to become a teacher. But when a taxi driver stops to offer him assistance on the side of the road one day, he is drawn into the world of drug trafficking.

Mchithwa’s main duty is to get a supply of ARVs which can be mixed with certain drugs to produce a dangerous addictive concoction called “wunga”. After Mchithwa’s gang is eventually arrested and the druglord is caught, Mchitwa and his gang get suspended sentences.

Mchithwa ends up as a powerful motivational speaker who warns the youth against the hazards of using and dealing drugs.


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Yihlati leli (isiZulu) | Children's Fiction

Author: Bhekisigcino Khawula
Category: Children's Fiction
ISBN: 9780624056317
Date Released: 20 October 2012
Price (incl. VAT): R 150.00
Format: Soft cover, 96pp

About this author

Bhekisigcino Khawula

Bhekisigcino D Khawula is an author from Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. This is his first novel.