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Erika Murray-Theron

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Erika Murray-Theron was born in KwaZulu-Natal and matriculated in Glencoe. She was raised in a family of teachers and from an early age was exposed to books and to her father’s interest in language. She studied at the University of Stellenbosch, the University of Pretoria and Unisa and obtained Honours degrees in Psychology and Afrikaans, as well as a diploma in special education.

She was employed as a professional officer at the Department of Labour, following which she was on the staff of Unisa’s Department of Psychology, later did freelance translation work for Unisa for the subject of Psychology, worked as a counsellor for Famsa and regularly worked as a substitute Afrikaans teacher. She has been involved with the community in various ways – including at the local high school, the community library, as editor of a community newspaper and in liaising between reading clubs in Pretoria, where she lives. She does translation work, is asked to read manuscripts from time to time and is sometimes also called upon to be a speaker. Since her children are grown, there is more time to write. She has been a dedicated reader from an early age.

As far back as she can remember she has been interested in telling and writing stories and she followed the usual path from Die Jongspan to the school newspaper to Die Stellensbosse Student to articles in magazines and to stories in women’s and family magazines and literary magazines. A number of her stories have been included in collections. In 1989 her first novel was published by Tafelberg.

She is married to Tom Theron, an engineer, and they have five children and five grandchildren.

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