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Lloyd Zandberg

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 Lloyd Zandberg was born in a Windhoek nunnery in 1991. He's a Libra, which means he does not enjoy camping, Wimpy, mathematics, raisins or glass dogs. He is shorter than his father, plump, and has a mean beard. Immediately after his birth, he, his mother and brother went to Cape Town in search of emerald grass. When they couldn’t find any, he decided to go to school. In Cape Town he wrote his matric at Durbanville High School, getting just enough marks to not study something which could buy BMWs, beach houses and leather couches. By some unknown grace he was accepted to study photography at CityVarsity. He worked for some time as a commercial photographer and was part of several photography exhibitions. After 22 years he returned to Namibia, where he began writing columns for the newspaper and in the evenings he waitered in a German restaurant. On weekends Lloyd takes photos of wild animals and tasteful girls in tasteless poses. Currently he lives in Swakopmund on the Namibian coast. Recently, Lloyd won an ATKV-veertjie for 12 of his short stories. It hangs next to his photography diploma on the living room wall. He can not swim and has been biting his nails for 22 years. Lloyd chooses to believe that he is living on the wrong planet. But knows that he can do nothing about it.

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